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CERAMIN is a specially developed, innovative material. At low temperatures, polypropylene and mineral fillers are bonded together in an environmentally friendly way to form a core board.

CERAMIN is absolutely free of PVC and any plasticisers, very low in emissions and completely recyclable - at the same time very resistant, waterproof and dimensionally stable.

The surface consists of a transparent wear layer with a UV-curing acrylic lacquer system. The surface structure is applied via structuring rollers.

CERAMIN is resistant to moisture, dimensionally stable, easy to install, contains no harmful substances and is 100% recyclable thanks to consistent "Design for Recycling". No PVC is used in its manufacture, but polypropylene (PP), it contains no plasticisers (phthalates), no chlorine and it is low in emissions, as confirmed by the Blue Angel award and the eco institut label.

The weight varies depending on the thickness of the product. With a product thickness of 3 mm, the material weight (weight per unit area) is 4.8 kg/m². With a product thickness of 4.5 mm, the material weight (weight per unit area) is 6.7 kg/m².

The warranty period is between 15 and 25 years, depending on the product. You can find the exact warranty conditions at:

With standard household cleaners. The cleaning products used should be PH-neutral and ideally free of re-greasing or layer-forming components and waxes. Abrasive or aggressive cleaners must not be used. We recommend the "Cleaner" from Dr. Schutz. You can find our cleaning and care instructions at:

Minor damage can be repaired with a repair wax. For larger damages, the respective tile or plank can be replaced.

Yes, it is usually possible to replace individual planks and tiles, but this depends heavily on various factors and a certain level of skill is required. For more information, please contact the technical customer service: Mail: Phone: 0800 11 33 313

Yes, because CERAMIN is absolutely healthy to live with and low in emissions. In addition, CERAMIN meets the requirements of the eco-institut label and the Blue Angel.

CERAMIN is 100% recyclable and smaller quantities can be disposed of with household waste (waste code no.: AVV 17 02 03 ).

Application area & features

CERAMIN-based products are suitable for walls and floors in almost all interior areas, even for wet rooms without floor drainage. CERAMIN is not approved for use outdoors or in saunas and steam baths.

Yes, CERAMIN-based products can also be used in conservatories, provided it is a living room extension and the necessary climatic conditions can be guaranteed in accordance with the installation instructions.

Yes, CERAMIN is also suitable for use in the shower with a shower tray. You can find more information on this in our installation instructions (

Yes, both are possible. In the case of underfloor heating, Ceramin can be installed on both hot water and electric underfloor heating systems. These must be firmly installed in the screed and the surface temperature must not exceed 29°C. Electric heating mats between screed and flooring are not permitted.

Due to its high abrasion resistance and a use class of up to UC34, CERAMIN is also suitable for properties with regular public traffic. Please also refer to our installation and maintenance instructions.

Yes, the surface is highly lightfast and achieves light fastness level 7 according to Blue Scale.

Up to 60°C, CERAMIN-based products are dimensionally stable and without any changes. However, this depends on the respective installation situation and contact time.

Yes, with its resistant surface, CERAMIN is also suitable for pets.

The surface of CERAMIN is absolutely closed due to the multi-layer lacquer coating and is therefore non-porous.

Depending on the surface, R 9 or R 10 are fulfilled. Individual surfaces fulfil R10b, i.e. they are suitable for use in wet areas.

In the floor area, Bfl-s1 is achieved from a product thickness of 4.5 mm and Cfl -s1 at a lower construction height. In the wall area, our product achieves fire class Ds2-d2.


No special tools are required to install CERAMIN. Since CERAMIN is easy to work with, you only need: - Folding rule - pencil - angle - Cutter knife with trapezoidal blade - optional: metal saw for cutting metal rails, mitre saw for cutting skirting boards Please refer to our installation instructions:

CERAMIN-based products are easy to cut to size. To do this, mark the required dimension on the tile and score the surface two to three times along the edge of a ruler or stop angle with a sharp cutter knife. Then bend the cut edge over a support (e.g. table edge) and then break the edges (e.g. with the help of a sanding block or sandpaper).

"In principle, CERAMIN can be installed on all substrates. Please note the requirements for ready-to-lay substrates in the installation instructions. In the case of renovation, CERAMIN can be glued directly to the existing tile surface. In this case, expansion joints provided by the customer must be taken into account. Unevennesses of more than 2 mm/m and short-lasting offsets of more than 0.5 mm/cm (e.g. in the case of old, widely grouted tile coverings) must be levelled with suitable levelling compound."

The substrate in wet areas should be prepared according to the installation instructions. The waterproofing must be done in accordance with DIN 18534 ""Waterproofing of interiors"" to ensure complete protection. For waterproofing, you can use either waterproofing membranes or liquid waterproofing, but only as so-called system components that have been approved by us. Please contact us for this by: - E-mail: - Telephone: 0800 11 33 313

In the bathroom area, CERAMIN must be glued over the entire surface both as a wall covering and as flooring.

Basically, only SMP adhesives are suitable for bonding CERAMIN. We recommend ""CLASSEN Multiconnect"" for bonding. As a so-called system component, this is specially adapted to CERAMIN. Other adhesives are also approved by us. Please contact us for further information: - E-mail: - Telephone: 0800 11 33 313

Yes, CLASSEN Multiconnect is also available in a cartridge. However, bead bonding is only permitted in wall areas and not in wet areas. Please note that bonding in wet areas should always be done over the entire surface.

Sealing is not necessary, but possible. However, this can cause changes in the surface properties and influence e.g. the gloss level and the anti-slip properties.

The joints are sealed with natural stone silicone. Commercially available, acid-setting sanitary silicone is not suitable.

Commercially available finishing profiles are suitable for the wall finish. For the wall, there are colour-coordinated skirtings that are suitable for the living area. For wet areas, skirtings can be cut from the Ceramin tiles to the desired width and height. This way, they even match the installed decor perfectly.