CERAMIN® is a specially developed, innovative material. At low temperatures, polypropylene and mineral fillers are bonded together in an environmentally friendly way to form a core board.

What is CERAMIN®?

CERAMIN® is a new type of PVC-free material and serves as a core board for high-performance floor and wall coverings. The pollutant-free component mix consists of 60% natural mineral and 39% highly recyclable polypropylene (PP). Added to this are additives that are harmless to health and the environment and optimise the application-specific properties of the core board. Due to their low weight, CERAMIN®-based products are often used as an alternative to natural or stone flooring, as surface structures that are equivalent both visually and haptically can be realised.

What makes CERAMIN® a unique material?

As a raw material, CERAMIN® is absolutely free of PVC and any plasticisers, has very low emissions and is completely recyclable - at the same time very resistant, waterproof and dimensionally stable. More than two thirds of the polymer share consists of already recycled material. The raw materials are sourced within Europe and processed in Germany, so that short transport routes guarantee a high availability of CERAMIN®.

Why should I install products based on CERAMIN® in my rooms?

CERAMIN®-based products are absolutely free of harmful substances and do not contain chlorine, phthalates or other plasticisers or stabilisers. We give you a guarantee of at least 15 years on their durability. CERAMIN® is absolutely healthy to live with, low in emissions and even suitable for allergy sufferers. Due to their diverse properties (e.g. dimensional stability, robustness, temperature & UV light resistance), you can install the floor coverings in almost all interior areas. Let yourself be inspired by the possible applications. Find the right products for your intended use.

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